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9th Jun 2020

Turning Point

Why the name, "Turning Point?" Is it a historical reference? Why did we choose it?

We all reach moments in life, some catastrophic, that cause us to shift directions or change course.

These are our "turning points."

In this episode, I get to the fundamental reason why we called our show what we did, and I briefly describe the turning point in my own life that caused me to change a completely different direction.

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Turning Point
Inspired by life.
We live in a nation and a world that is divided over so many things. Rather than focus on the many things that unite us, we search for the things that divide us. Instead of embracing our differences and being thankful for them, we choose to use them as a source of fuel to further ignite our anger towards another.
I would like you to join me on a journey. I once heard a saying many times during my career in the Armed Forces, "Leave it better than you found it." That's what this is all about. My attempt to leave this broken and bitter world better than how I found it. To leave today better than it was when I first woke up.

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Stephen Willette

Stephen is the founder and owner of Patriot Images New York, Inc., a nonprofit photography organization located in Queensbury, New York. He is also a sixteen year combat veteran of the United States Air Force.